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Coronavirus: How Telemed Can Help You Help Your Patients

Help Your Patients With Telemed | Telemed

Right now is a time of uncertainty in our society.  Especially in the medical field.  With the ongoing increase of Coronavirus cases, it is more important than ever for Doctors to find a way to treat their patients while also ensuring proper protocol is followed.  Many offices are finding themselves either swamped with worried patients or barren due to fears of risking infection.  Telemed can help provide a solution that helps you address both issues and keep your office safe.

Telemed provides our services to the following medical providers:

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Hospitals
  • Home Health
  • Physicians
  • Community Health Centers
  • Hospices
  • Medical Centers

Distance is key

Several states are encouraging their residents to stay indoors and for only essential businesses to remain open.  This is in hopes of reducing the spread of Coronavirus and stopping the outbreak altogether.  With fewer people interacting with each other, the chance of more people becoming sick is less likely.  So as a medical office, how do you help to reduce the number of patients and staff that interact with each other?  Simple.  Let Telemed help!

TeleMed provides nationwide service to medical practices, clinics, hospitals, dental practices, and other exclusively medical services.   Whether you are a small to medium physician group, a large hospital, a busy dental office, or a community health center, Telemed has the tools, experience, and expertise to deploy and integrate a medical answering service and medical call center solution that fits your needs and exceeds expectations.

Patient communication at a distance

Telemed is here to help you stay in communication with your patients.  Our employees are trained to answer questions patients have and address their concerns.  This first step of interaction helps to filter through the patients who can have their needs addressed without coming into the office.  Since our call center is not permitted to diagnose or address specific medical treatment, the next step will be to schedule the patient for an in-office visit.

Once they get to the office, we suggest having a protocol in place that keeps as much distance between patients as possible.  A lot of medical offices have started having isolated waiting rooms for patients showing symptoms.  Others have started instructing patients to remain in their car and call when they are at the office.  Paperwork is brought out to the car by an individual employee and taken back inside once complete.  After that, the patient is brought into the office through an empty waiting room and taken to their exam room.

All of this helps cut down the amount of interaction between people and thereby reduces the chance of Coronavirus spreading further.  Even with the precautions listed for the office, it is still best to limit visits to your practice as much as possible.  Having that first step of the Telemed Medical Answering Services screen your patient calls helps achieve this.

Nationwide Medical Answering Service Solutions

Telemed understands that these are difficult times for many medical offices.  With our professional Medical Answering Service, we will ensure you can continue treating your patients while reducing risk to your health and business.  Contact us online or call us today at (888) 544-5355 to learn how we can help you.  At Telemed we put your practice and patients first.



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