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Continuing to Deal With COVID-19: Let TeleMed Sort Through the Crowd

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Our society is experiencing a pandemic and we are seeing how this affects our overall awareness when it comes to health.  COVID-19 has made people nervous whenever they hear a cough.  It has made them question each sneeze.  Whenever they feel short of breath, they go through a mental list of everywhere they might have caught Coronavirus.

With our medical frontlines seeing so much overflow from the COVID-19 pandemic, the last thing any waiting room needs is more people panicking about their symptoms.  Especially if those symptoms are not indicators of the Coronavirus.  While there are increasing cases of COVID-19, it is still important to remember people get colds and it is also allergy season.

More people are becoming concerned about health discomforts they otherwise might have ignored.  This means more people will be heading to the doctor. Unless there is a different way to offer the same comfort without a trip to the office.

Telemed can help cut down the people coming into your office without affecting your quality of service to your patients.

MyOffice – A Live Daytime Medical Answering Service

One of the helpful services TeleMed offers is MyOffice.  MyOffice service was designed as a solution to manage your often overwhelming medical practice needs during office hours.  During this pandemic medical offices have seen their traffic increase significantly, both at the office and on the phone line.  Let us help address the needs of patients who call in so your staff can focus on in-office patients and treatment.

Maybe you don’t want to use MyOffice for every call.  That’s ok too!  TeleMed offers the feature to customize when our MyOffice operators take your clinic’s incoming calls.  If morning is a busier time for you we can help to alleviate some of that rush.  Or if you just want to make sure your staff gets an interrupted lunch break.  Our live operators answer exactly the same way they would if they worked in your office, meaning callers will not even know they are speaking with a medical answering service.

However, MyOffice can also be used as a regular front of the office, answering service.  Our operators answer the phone and will then address caller questions or concerns.  Then, using our customizable pre-programmed system, messages are transcribed and forwarded to the appropriate staff members.

This helps ensure that if patient calls need to be returned, they find the right staff member for their specific need.  TeleMed offers another helpful service to ensure your practice and your patients are having their needs met promptly.

IntraOffice – Secure Instant Messaging for Your Practice

TeleMed’s IntraOffice product is a secure method of sending direct text-formatted messages to any member of your practice via our web-based program MyTeleMed.  The IntraOffice product is beneficial for small and large practices alike.  No matter what your office size, it is often difficult to keep track of every staff at all times.

If there is an urgent business or patient need and you can’t find a specific staff member, use the IntraOffice product to make sure your message is sent directly and securely.  IntraOffice is also beneficial for larger staff communications as well.  Help get important messages delivered.  Never disturb your staff schedules either.

Benefits of IntraOffice

  • Send instantaneous, HIPAA compliant messages.
  • Staff messages sent to you are placed in your MyTeleMed account inbox.
  • Messages are delivered as soon as they are sent.
  • Operator supervisors follow every message until it is closed.

 MyTeleMed comes complimentary with the use of any other TeleMed product. Additionally, you will never have to worry about revealing any patient’s Personal Health Information (PHI) via non-HIPAA compliant methods such as texting, e-mail, or simple trash with PHI that gets thrown away.  The IntraOffice product can help your office and staff improve efficiency.

TeleMed Helps You Help Patients

Telemed understands that these are difficult times that result in a need for extra care and attention.  We are here to help you stay in communication with your patients.  Our products are also useful in keeping communication current between staff.  Call us today at (888) 544-5355 or contact us online to learn how we can help you.  At Telemed we put your practice and patients first.


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