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Telemed: The Only Answer For Your Medical Answering Service Needs

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TeleMed was founded in 1986 as a medical answering service for a local physician-owned medical society. Today, TeleMed provides nationwide service to medical practices, clinics, hospitals, dental practices, and other exclusively medical services.

How can your company benefit from a medical answering service?  Let’s look at what customers have to say.

This is one reason many businesses view answering services as a helpful tool that lets them connect with their customers even when their offices are not open.  It is simply an added bonus.  However, for hospitals or doctor’s offices, a medical answering service is a necessity.  So, finding the right one for your company is important. 

80% of callers prefer speaking with a real person directly as opposed to receiving direct mail or email.

The medical field has laws and requirements that are different than any other field.  Therefore, the businesses that operate in this field have an even higher standard in deciding who to trust.  Be sure to do your research before hiring a medical answering service.  You want to make sure the answering service employees have been trained on how to work through emergencies, relay messages, understand HIPAA regulations and are familiar with medical terminology.

98% of callers who get a poorly trained operator have a negative view of the company. 

Telemed provides customers with knowledge and professionalism.  Our employees are trained and can answer questions patients may have about insurance and HIPAA privacy laws. While medical advice may not be something our employee can offer, he or she will be able to answer the questions the patient may have about scheduling, office operations, and other important details. 

72% of callers hang up instead of leaving a voicemail.

A medical answering service is not just something that can help you during your after business hours. It is often the case that staff in medical businesses spend a lot of time answering phone calls. That time that could be better spent seeing to patients’ needs and assisting their doctors.  A medical answering service helps give your employees the freedom to do what they were trained for and also ensures that every call gets answered. Our employees will help by handling any call-in questions, rescheduling needs, doctor questions and anything else a patient may call for help with.

All of these benefits not only improve the customer experience but also make the responsibilities of operations easier on you as a business owner.  Contact TeleMed online here or call us at (888) 544-5355 today.  We look forward to helping you! 


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