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Optimize Your Practice With Med Answering Services

If the pandemic has shown us anything, it is that patients need a direct line to their health providers more than ever. People are looking for a secure and reliable medical practice that alleviates waiting, stress, and complicated communication. Med answering services bring that change to your medical practice, clinic, or hospital and will help streamline your doctor/patient relationship and the journey your customers embark on when signing on to your facilities. TeleMed has over 35 years in med answering services and with mobile apps for iOS and Android, we lead the technology front for medical answering services that are dependable and grow as your practice grows.

Med Answering Services To Better Your Practice


MyOffice med answering service was designed as a solution to manage your often overwhelming medical practice needs during office hours. When your daytime staff is consumed with the most important of their responsibilities, patient care, do not let your practice grind to a halt because of ineffective and mismanaged communications. MyOffice, whether used for overflow, during meetings, at lunchtime, or as your front office, will allow physicians, nurses, schedulers, and other staff to prioritize callbacks using a customizable, self-determined system that will mold to your office’s specific needs.


Patient Portal provides doctors and medical staff with the means of increasing direct connectivity with patients when they are not immediately in front of you in the office, a task that can be difficult to achieve. This product affords you the ability to not only receive messages directly from patients regarding appointment settings, medication tracking, medication refills, and feedback on the care they received through TeleMed’s secure HIPAA compliant database.


MyService is TeleMed’s after-hours medical answering service product that is tailor-made to fit your system based upon your pre-given instructions. When you are out of the office you will never have to worry about missing important patient information again. Our electronically managed system, navigated by our expertly trained operators 24/7/365, finds out the information you need through a series of questions that are predetermined by you and ensures that the message is directed to you at whatever time and in whatever way you desire.


MyTeleMed is our secure, HIPAA-compliant web-portal product that comes complimentary with the use of any of our other products that will integrate all of your medical answering service information into one easily navigable homepage through which you will be able to manage messages, on-call schedules and more.


TeleMed’s Intraoffice product is a secure method of sending direct text-formatted messages to any member of your medical practice via our web-based program MyTeleMed. MyTeleMed comes complimentary with the use of any other TeleMed product.

Med Answering Services

Med Answering Services To Fit Any Need

For over 35 years, TeleMed has been a leader in the medical answering service. Today, TeleMed provides nationwide service to medical practices, clinics, hospitals, dental practices, and other exclusively medical services.

TeleMed’s call centers handle the needs of thousands of medical professionals on a daily basis. Our nationwide service, ability to completely customize the handling of calls for each client thanks to the proprietary software developed and maintained by TeleMed IT professionals and absolute devotion to customer service are why TeleMed sets the pace in the industry.

Whatever your medical practice’s specific requirement may be, TeleMed has a solution that will result in helping your organization minimize wasted time and labor, and maximize customer care and revenue.


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