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Why Your Hospital Needs A Medical Answering Service

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Medical professionals are subject to many legal and regulatory constraints that aim to protect patients. They must be vigilant about patient privacy, including concerns over cybersecurity, telehealth, invoice and payment processing, and billing. Medical professionals are constantly on their toes, not only because of concerns regarding patient privacy but also because they have to be vigilant about the health and safety of patients. It could mean the difference between life and death.

Although many hospitals and medical clinics have receptionists on staff, it can be costly to have enough staff to handle calls promptly, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It doesn’t matter what time it is for medical matters. Hospitals and medical clinics increasingly use professional answering services to answer calls and reroute them. These answering services for medical questions are quite different from traditional answering services. Here, TeleMed explores several benefits of medical answering services.

What Does A Medical Answering Service Do?

A medical answering service is an outsourced phone call center that handles the incoming calls of your hospital, doctor’s office, or other medical practice. These services have been around for decades, but they’ve become essential in recent years as more and more patients expect their doctors and hospitals to be available at all hours of the day and night by phone.

Medical answering services have trained professionals who take messages, answer questions, and even schedule appointments in your office or hospital. When patients have questions or concerns after hours, they can be answered immediately by your answering service rather than voicemail. 

Increased Personal Time For Physicians

When you work as a physician, your day may begin before the sun rises and end after it has set. Physicians who have their own practice often spend many hours on-call each week, which means that they cannot spend much time with their families. If you have a physician answering service, you can take calls only during business hours and let someone else handle emergencies that happen while you are off-duty.

Save Time With A Medical Answering Service

Physicians need to stay organized if they want to provide excellent patient care. It’s easy to get bogged down in paperwork such as insurance forms, lab results, and medication lists. Answering services help save time because they take messages from patients, request prescription refills, and make appointments. When you can outsource some of your administrative duties, you’ll have more time to treat patients.

Customized and Consistent Messaging

Many patients have similar questions that they ask over and over again. Medical answering services allow your office to create custom scripts to answer these questions, which helps your staff to focus on the more critical tasks at hand. Most answering services will also create custom scripts explicitly tailored to your practice’s needs.

Improved Patient Experience and Satisfaction

Providing excellent patient care is essential for every hospital. By offering patients a high-quality medical answering service, you’ll make their experience as positive as possible.

When a patient calls into your office, you have an opportunity to make them feel valued and cared for. With the right service in place, you can ensure that your patients get quick assistance whenever they need it. This will help strengthen their relationship with your organization and make them more likely to come back when they’re sick or injured again.

Improved Provider Ratings

Patient satisfaction surveys show that one of the top three reasons people change doctors is poor communication due to long wait times or lack of access to providers. A medical answering service ensures patients never have to deal with long hold times or get lost in voicemail limbo, leading to more satisfied patients. Older patients may not feel comfortable navigating systems without a “live” patient.

When patients call your office for help, they don’t want to hear a recording telling them to call back during business hours, and they want to speak with someone who can help them at that moment. Answering services for medical offices can answer calls 24/7 and provide information about emergencies, urgent care, and after-hours services. This gives patients peace of mind knowing there’s always someone available to help or guide them in case of emergency.

Improved Relationships

One of the most significant benefits of working with a medical answering service is that it helps to improve relationships between staff members and patients. When using a medical answering service, your staff members can focus on the tasks at hand instead of focusing on incoming calls. This allows them to build relationships with other staff members and their patients.

Better Patient Scheduling

Many patients make appointments online or over the phone. Medical answering services can improve patient scheduling by ensuring that all calls are responded to promptly and professionally. This helps reduce no-shows by improving patient satisfaction, which improves the bottom line for your practice.

Reduced Patient NoShows

Patient no-shows are costly for medical practices, so reducing no-shows is a priority for many practices. A healthcare answering service can help by confirming appointments with patients, appointment reminders, or quickly and conveniently rescheduling missed appointments. A medical answering service helps ensure that your practice functions smoothly every day by contacting patients ahead of time.

The Medical Answering Service For You

Medical answering services have been helping medical offices manage calls for years. An answering service for doctors is also appropriate for dentists and mental health professionals. To provide the best experience possible to your patients, use our service today. We are available 24/7 and can help you keep on top of your calls and messages. Our advanced technology can take over call handling so that you have time to focus on providing high-quality care to all your patients. Give us a call today for more information!

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