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Why Patients Love Answering Services for Medical Offices

Answering Services For Medical Offices | Telemed

In the era of on-demand services, having easy and constant access to trusted healthcare professionals/services is more important than ever. Although TeleMed’s leading medical answering services primarily cater to medical practices, clinics, hospitals, dental practices, and other medical businesses, it simultaneously also offers many benefits for patients as well. Medical offices of all kinds need to keep costs down while providing excellent customer service to keep their patients satisfied. TeleMed’s healthcare answering service and medical call center solutions continue to meet healthcare providers’ needs and their patients’ expectations by helping organizations minimize wasted time and labor while maximizing customer care and revenue. Here, TeleMed outlines three reasons why patients love it when a healthcare provider uses a medical answering service.

Three Ways Patients Benefit From a Medical Answering Service

With a medical answering service, like TeleMed, patients can take control of their appointment schedules by conveniently setting, changing or even canceling appointments on their own time. As a result, revenue increases as patients request appointments based upon their schedule, meaning that fewer people will be missing appointment times that could be filled by other patients. Using a healthcare answering service to assist saves time during hectic business hours, while also providing after-hours availability. This keeps your appointment calendar full in order to maintain productivity and maximize profit and allows doctors/nurses the freedom to dedicate more time to immediate office issues involved with day-to-day patient care.

Streamline Patient Communication

Patients want to be able to call and communicate with their doctor and doctor’s office whenever it’s convenient for their schedule and at all hours of the day. Although it is impractical to have someone available to answer and communicate with patients 24/7, it is important for medical offices to be available and accommodating as some patients’ work schedules may only allow them to call/communicate after-hours. A medical answering service can significantly enhance communication with patients due to the positive, always-available professionalism it provides.

PatientPortal by TeleMed provides a constant connection with your patients. Some of the benefits include:

  • PatientPortal will control the often disjointed flow of patient communications during office hours by allowing you to prioritize messages from patients based on your schedule.
  • Your staff will have access to the portal as well as all of the information contained within it.
  • All information is transmitted directly through the portal so that everyone can view it instantaneously.
  • Eliminate the possibility of human errors that occur so often during information transmission.
  • Sending messages instantaneously to your patients and vice versa increases patient satisfaction by adding a level of accountability that cannot be achieved through other outdated forms of message management and communication.

Strengthen Patient-Provider Relationship

Knowing how to build strong patient-provider relationships is a key part of establishing yourself and your medical office as a trustworthy healthcare service that patients respect and will refer their friends and family too. An effective patient-provider relationship takes time and effort and can be greatly impacted by the quality of communication that takes place (or doesn’t take place). Choosing a high-quality physician answering service, like TeleMed, not only improves communication but also enhances the relationship with your patients and boosts your credibility and reputation.

Use the TeleMed Medical Answering Service Today

TeleMed is more than just a medical answering service. We provide offices with HIPAA-compliant tools that give patients the ability to communicate over the internet. If you are seeking information about a medical answering service that fits your office or practice, call TeleMed today at 888-544-5355 or contact us online. TeleMed provides reliable and dependable healthcare answering services that are proven to help businesses succeed.


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