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TeleMed Releases New iOS7 MyTeleMed 3.1 App

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Atlanta, Georgia — April 23, 2014 – TeleMed has a new version of the MyTeleMed app, designed to leverage Apple’s iOS7 design requirements. This app conveniently works on both iOS6 and iOS7 devices.

The app was developed for customers of TeleMed’s answering service which includes physicians, nurses, and other medical staff, and it allows them to manage their important communications in a HIPAA-compliant manner. The app protects any Personal Health Information (PHI) and allows medical staff to maintain the strictest confidentiality with patients.

The MyTeleMed app will notify doctors and medical professionals when they have new messages from the TeleMed answering service. There are over 50 tones that can be selected to alert users, including staff favorites, classic tones, as well as new tones created specifically for iOS7.

The messages can be from patients or other people in their medical group. The MyTeleMed app allows the user to securely reply to a message or privately call back a patient from their mobile device.

This version of the app also includes an On-Call schedule feature for the MyTeleMed apps, convenient for doctors and medical staff members whose schedules span long hours across multiple days. The feature is very easy to use. From the menu of the MyTeleMed app, it will notify the user of their next scheduled on-call hour or if they are currently on-call.

The MyTeleMed OnCall feature lists all upcoming on-call times for the user, making it a convenient way for users to plan and check their daily schedule. A user may be assigned to one account or many different accounts, which is convenient if doctors need to access the schedules of multiple hospitals, a private practice, etc. From the OnCall page, the user can see their schedule in real time. The feature shows all of the user’s accounts that are currently on call as well as their next on-call times for each account.

Wilbur Williams, TeleMed’s Executive Vice President says, “This is truly a helpful feature for our customers. This new feature addresses their scheduling needs so they always know where to be. If they have swapped on call times with another doctor, they will know that change has made it all the way through the system at a glance. This new feature is in keeping with the philosophy of our mobile app, it is designed to alert the user of things they need to pay attention to, rather than being a database that has to be searched.”

The 3.1 version of the MyTeleMed app has been completely rebuilt specifically with iOS7 in mind. This allows the 3.1 version to give users the maximum performance with the highest level of compatibility possible. Doctors, nurses, and medical professions will now be able to communicate with patients in a much more efficient manner, allowing them more time to assist their patients with the best medical care possible.

TeleMed is the leading provider of live medical answering service to well over 23,000 healthcare providers nationwide. Their suite of services combines highly qualified live operators with state-of-the-art proprietary technology to deliver quality communications unsurpassed in the medical industry.

Since 1986, TeleMed provides high-quality communication services only to the medical community. TeleMed is the number one choice for medical communications for physicians, surgeons, dentists, healthcare, hospice, government, academic, faculty practices, hospitals and more. TeleMed can be visited on the web at

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