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TeleMed Launches Upgraded MyTeleMed App to Apple App Store, Google Play and Blackberry Appworld

Telemed Inc. Introduces Mobile App and HIPPA-Compliant Medical Messaging Convergence. Manage Your Important Medical Messages With No HIPAA Issues Through The Completely Secure MyTeleMed APP for iOS , Android and Blackberry devices.

Finally, you can rest assured that you will be notified of patient requests and be able to manage all your important medical messages in one easy-to-use app and document every step from message origination through the time and duration of call back.

The MyTeleMed APP delivers critical patient and call-back information. The MyTeleMed service operators will contact you by email, text and by phone in the manner you prescribe.

The MyTeleMed website and call center can help you build escalation procedures based on your shift schedule and availability. The service then ensures that an escalation can occur if a call back is not made within pre-set time limits.

Callbacks are documented with the time and duration of the call, and even provide an option to record the call. Some of the features include:

  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Complete Documentation From Message Origination To Call Back
  • Add Comments To Any Message At Any Time
  • New Message Notifications With Customizable Tones
  • Auto-Sync Of Messages With The MyTeleMed Server
  • Option To Call Back Patients Anonymously and Record The Call – Your Office Number Shows On The Caller ID
  • Access Customer Service 24/7 Through The App

Better communication between the patients and the practice through the use of through Telemed medical answering services increases patient satisfaction, lowers practice costs, and allows the prioritizing of responses. With fewer administrative calls, no worry about missed messages, and a permanent record of communications, a practice can now determine how much to offload from its busy front office.

A majority of HIPAA fines come from lost or stolen mobile devices with Personal Health Information (PHI) resident on the device. MyTelemed mobile APP solves that problem because the messages are stored on a secure server, not resident on the mobile device, keeping your Hospital or Practice in compliance with HIPPA by protecting any PHI. If a doctor’s mobile device is ever lost or stolen, any PHI within messages would not be compromised.


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