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Benefits of Dentist Medical Answering & Message Managing Service

Did you know that one in every three dental emergencies occurs between the hours of 5pm and 10pm; this is likely after your receptionist has left for the day. Here are a few more of the benefits of a dental answering service:

  • We can set or update appointments 24 hours a day, so even if your staff sets appointments during business hours, we can increase the number of hours appointments can be set or changed
  • The people who are answering phone calls are all trained to specifically answer the phone for a dental office, and they will know exactly how to proceed and route or forward the call if necessary.
  • Your patients will feel better knowing that there is always someone on the other end of the line to actually listen to them. Nothing is more frustrating than calling your dentist’s office during a dental emergency and getting an automated message.
  • We also offer services such as online message access and call forwarding.

Find out why TeleMed is the number one service for doctors, physicians, surgeons, dentists and the number one solution for healthcare, hospice, government, academic, faculty practices and hospitals.

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