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Atlanta, Georgia — April 23, 2014 - TeleMed has a new version of the MyTeleMed app, designed to leverage Apple's iOS7 design requirements. This app conveniently works on both iOS6 and iOS7 devices. The app was developed for customers of TeleMed's answering service which includes physicians, nurses, and other medical staff, and it allows them to manage their important communications in a HIPAA-c …

AnswerStat magazine is the leading magazine published specifically for healthcare call centers and is distributed to qualified readers, decision makers, and influencers at hospital call centers and medical related contact centers worldwide. Telemed is featured on pg 18.

Telemed Inc. Introduces Mobile App and HIPPA Compliant Medical Messaging Convergence. Manage Your Important Medical Messages With No HIPAA Issues Through The Completely Secure MyTeleMed APP for iOS , Android and Blackberry devices. Finally, you can rest assured that you will be notified of patient requests and be able to manage all your important medical messages in one easy to use APP and docu …

We listened to the feedback from doctors and medical offices and as a result have made many upgrades to our mobile app. Items include, notification repeat, quiet time, upgrades to the user interface and web services. Learn more about our mobile app upgrades.

TeleMed’s Intraoffice product is a secure method of sending direct text-formatted messages to any member of your practice via our web-based program MyTeleMed. MyTeleMed comes complementary with the use of any other TeleMed product.

Advancing medical communications, TeleMeds intelligent medial answering service platform makes it easy to connect clinicians, doctors and hospital staff – and push critical information – to the right physician at the right time, in the way each physician wishes to be reached. Learn more about the MyTeleMed Mobile App.