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Medical Appointment Scheduling Just Got Easier with Medical and Dental Answering Services

Medical Appointment Scheduling

Medical and Dental Answering Services will benefit your medical practice in several ways, especially when it comes to patient appointment scheduling. A medical answering service will help save you time, reduce no show appointments, and improve overall staff efficiency.

The most precious thing to waste at work is time. Medical offices can be extremely busy and one way to save time is to implement a medical answering service. Here are a few ways TeleMed’s Answering Service can help with Medical Appointment Scheduling:

  1. Better utilize your receptionists’ time: Patients call throughout the day to schedule appointments or check on the status of their prescriptions, all while patients that are actually visiting the medical office are asking questions and trying to complete their check-in. A medical or dental answering service can help schedule appointments for your patients, which will free up time for your receptionist.
  2. Decrease the number of missed appointments: A medical answering service will help decrease no show appointments because there will always be someone available to answer your patient’s phone call. Receptionists will no longer have to go through all of their messages and call back patients to reschedule appointments. This can often result in a missed appointment if the patient cannot be reached.
  3. Appointments can be Scheduled at Patient’s Convenience: Patients tend to call right before an office opens and right after it closes, desperately hoping to get through on their way to and from work.  When your patient has to leave a message about their appointment, phone-tag then begins.  A medical answering service can change existing appointments or schedule new appointments 24/7.
  4. Follow-Up Appointments can be scheduled: After many patients leave your office it is necessary for your receptionist to make a follow-up or test result phone call. A medical answering service can handle calling patients about their test results and if necessary they can even schedule follow-up appointments to free up your receptionists’ time.

A medical answering service will allow for more new patient appointments, less time spent by staff trying to track down patients who can’t talk during the business day, and decreased no-show appointments.

More and more medical and dental offices are taking advantage of the many benefits of a medical answering service. If you are interested in utilizing an answering service for medical appointment scheduling, then contact us today. TeleMed offers a superior quality medical answering service, customized for the requirements of each individual practice and provider.


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